The Art of Massage
About the Practitioner

Sonya Mateer Rempel, Licensed, CMT
American Certified Massage School, 2006

I believe the foundation of massage is born of mindful intention.

Through the art of massage, not only is the body aided in self healing but the spirit is nourished as well. It is a rare occurance for the body and mind to be completely in the present.  Attending to the present is being in a state of mindfulness.  Creating space with therapeutic massage and bodywork, attends to this place, restoring balance, mental clarity and a sense of well being.  When ease and rejuvenation is created in the body, you are attuned to experience this same sense more fully in other areas of your life.

Mindful intention allows both the therapist and client to be present to the physical and spiritual healing generated during massage.  Intentionally making time for therapeutic bodywork enhances awareness of the present, while the practice of mindfulness continues development through routine tasks such as eating, breathing, and walking.

 I deeply value massage as a catalyst for change which encourages healing and nurturing of the whole being.  I feel fortunate to work with those willing to create space for awareness and embody massage as a part of a rewarding and meaningful lifestyle.